1. To support the professional growth and leadership capacity of principals and leaders in Special Education to maximise learning outcome for students with special education needs or disabilities through

  • Facilitating networking, mentoring, advocacy, welfare support, professional development and collegial networks.
  • Promoting best practice and excellence in special education throughout public education.
  • Providing a forum for discussion of matters of professional interest to members.

2. To give visibility to disability issues and ensure they are included in the development and implementation of all education policies, systemic changes and/or new initiatives through

  • Ensuring Principals in Special Schools have an unfiltered voice and are included from the outset, in consultation and discussions along with other principals groups for all new initiatives and systemic changes that impact on students with special educational needs or disabilities and/or Special Schools.
  • Representing the views of Special Education principals and leaders to the Director General, relevant interest groups and other stakeholder groups.
  • Working collaboratively and consultatively with senior officers of the DEC to ensure the inclusivity of all students.

3. To acknowledge the professional leadership and expertise held by SSP principals and leaders and the unique and differing administrative structures between categories of Special School.

4. To work with other professional associations and organisations to enhance the effectiveness of learning outcome for students with special educational needs or disabilities within public education.

5. To support the affiliation with and involvement in activities of ASEPA and the ICP.